Why Choose Mike?

Mike Hagen

Mike Hagen a.k.a. The King of Network Marketing, A Massive High-Ticket Sales Expert, Speaker, Team Builder and A Huge Believer in Motivational Techniques

These days, Mike’s private clients pay up to $75,000 to work with him. And they come from all walks of life, various business, backgrounds, some are very successful already, many are not, and several are seasoned Network Marketers needing that extra teek or push, and countless others are new entrepnuers looking to crack the code. Mr. Hagen has clients and groups coast to coast all over the world looking for his skills, coaching and guidance and enjoy working with him.

Mike Hagen prides himself on potentially being your new best friend and competitions worst nightmare! After all Mike loves the under Dog and enjoys helping The average individual out Win and Out Earn The Already Rich.

That’s because as a strategic business consultant – Mike HAgen specializes in creating “celebrity-authorities” in their respective marketplaces, which makes them rise above their competition being in a “category of one” allowing their business to reach new levels at an accelerated rate.

For the past 25 years, Mike has been a trusted advisor to some of the most successful celebrity Network Marketing experts alive today. And has spent countless hours in the Trenches with the average person building, Mentoring, teaching and giving them his blood sweat and at times tears.

Mike Hagen doesn’t teach on stuff he hasn’t personally himself done nor achieved. He cannot stand so called Gurus Whom profess to teach and try mentoring on a subject they themselves have not personally done. Mike doesn’t believe in theory only teaching and coaching.
Mike Hagen has run large seminars and small, Large training programs and small for years. However today, Mike prefers working with a select number of high-level entrepreneurs on a private basis or in his Mike Hagen Inner Circle (in San Diego, CA).

Entrepreneurs, Network Marketing professionals choose to work with Mike because he’s not just a one-trick pony “marketing guru” or “coach”, but an 8-figure entrepreneur himself — one of the few consultants that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures. Crytocurrency and other assets . In other words, he eats his own cooking! His own high-end mastermind group (known as The Mike Hagen Inner Circle) made up of several other Highly Successful coaches and mentors he has known and worked with some for the past 28 years. This is a great group that is nearly 32 members strong.